TEMPORARY NOTIFICATION: Unfortunately, I am not taking new patients at this time. Please contact your primary care physician or insurance company for referrals. However, if you are seeking help for someone dealing with issues related to FOOD ALLERGIES , please call or contact me through my website so that I may assist you.

My name is Jeanne Herzog. I am a psychologist in a private practice clinic called Summit Psychology Clinic.

We named our clinic Summit because my business partner and I love the mountains. And we see change, growth and healing as a careful yet motivated climb up a mountain - with the view from the summit the reward.

Located in Wisconsin, we are certainly far from any mountains, but we do offer counseling in a professional, comfortable and convenient office in Elm Grove.  I am also able to provide tele-health services if you live in Wisconsin.

I call myself a Life-span Psychologist because I provide therapeutic counseling with children and teens ages 3 to 17, and adults ages 18 and above. Let me know how I can help you, your child, or any family member change, grow or heal.

To learn more about me and our clinic, please check out the rest of my website . Then feel free to call or email for a brief consultation.