Health Psychology

Health Psychology is the study of the relationship between emotional factors, social issues, behavior and physical health. Understanding this relationship helps me treat those suffering from the emotional and cognitive effects of many health and medical conditions. I can also help patients of all ages who come to therapy hoping to improve their physical health and lead a healthier lifestyle.

A variety of medical conditions and subsequent treatments can cause stressors to the body, alter moods, and negatively affect the daily functioning of otherwise psychologically healthy children, teens and adults. In addition, long term pschological health can be interrupted when chronic illness or injury appears to rob individuals of their mobility, freedom, dignity or ability to work, have healthy relationships or otherwise live a barrier-free lifestyle.

Working with individuals who are suffering from medical conditions has been an empassioned focus of mine since I was in 2nd grade. When I had surgery during the times when parents weren't allowed to stay with their children in the hospital, I experienced fear and loneliness. However, the hospital staff provided me with attention, compassion, comfort and confidence. From that day forward, I always felt comfortable in a medical hospital!

Treatments I offer include cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR, Relaxation Therapy, Guided Imagery, psycho-educational therapy, positive psychology strategies such as learning to use strengths to cope with weaknesses, family therapy and play therapy.

I have had the privilege of working with patients suffering from:

  • prenatal anxiety
  • postpartum depression and anxiety
  • chronic pain
  • concussion
  • complex regional pain syndrome
  • severe food allergies
  • sjogren's syndrome and other autoimmune disorders
  • pelvic pain disorder
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Post-surgical orthopedic recovery
  • life-altering injuries
  • cancer
  • heart disease

I have also consulted with other medical professionals, family members and school faculty regarding the psychological needs of my clients. And I have presented to groups on the topic of developing strategies for dealing with anxiety when suffering from a medical condition.

If you are experiencing this kind of stress, please feel free to call me for additional information and referral sources.