About Me

My educational background includes:

Doctoral Degree, Counseling Psychology
Marquette University, Milwaukee

Masters Degree, Developmental Psychology
Columbia University, New York

Bachelors Degree, Education
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Life-span Psychology
Since I taught for some time in the public schools, and worked with children in many other capacities, (not to mention being the oldest girl in a family with 10 kids), I focused my learning about human behavior on the developmental pathways through life. We become who we are because of the earlier moments of our life. And it’s helpful to learn about these moments, so we can understand (and change if necessary) the path we’re on today.

Treatment of All Ages
Because of my education about growth and development through the lifespan, I specialize in working with people of all ages.

  • I’ve helped an infant by working directly with the parents;
  • I’ve conducted play therapy with a preschooler while involving and coaching parents;
  • I’ve done psychoeducational therapy with a school age child using play, markers and games, and by consulting with schools;
  • I’ve formed therapeutic relationships with teens and incorporated whole families into the process of helping them individuate;
  • I’ve worked with young adults struggling with the need to organize and plan their futures, or confidently address issues related to sexual orientation;
  • I’ve helped scores of men and women with depression, anxiety, grief, post partum depression, work and career issues, coping with a medical or health condition, empty nesting, divorce, marriage and other psychological disorders; and
  • I’ve worked with a retiree on making the transition to a new lifestyle.

Specialty Areas

Adult Psychology - Beco ming knowledgeable about kids and teens gave me special sensitivity for the mental health of adults. I enjoy helping adults find a way to build self-esteem, make a life-long change, move through loss of a loved one and learn how to communicate needs, thoughts and feelings effectively.

Child/Teen Psychology - Peer issues, school, stress, loss of a parent through death or divorce, family disorder, social media and bullying present as daily stressors for kids these days. I can build rapport with kids that paves the way for them to talk about, and deal with these stressors in healthy ways.

Health Psychology - Coping with a medical condition such as food allergies, chronic pain, post-partum depression and anxiety, infertility, multiple sclorosis, cancer, auto-immune disorders, heart conditions, etc., provides a constant challenge for kids, teens and adults. This challenge provides an opportunity for me to use a variety of methods to help improve emotional stability, stamina and physical health.

Military Personnel and Families - I have been working more prominently in the past 5 years with members of the military and their families on the stressors related to this unique lifestyle, deployment, re-integration and holding the fort down on the home - front. It has been a very rewarding experience.